Abandoned Places Project: 02

I was literally driving down the street and this caught my eye. I stopped for a brief moment (there were a few cars behind me), quickly took the photo and moved on. The nice thing about having camera gear that you intimately know, such as my still beloved Leica X Vario, is that you can prepare the settings in advance and be ready for opportunities like this. These days, I set the camera up and leave it on my front seat when not on the highway and opt to take less busy and rural roads when time allows.

This beautiful old building is near downtown Micanopy which I must explore further as there are a lot of old and interesting buildings and places to check out. Not to mention the amazing Pearl Country Store & BBQ. Don’t let the fact the restaurant is in the back of a gas station put you off as they truly have some of the best beef brisket in the area. Burnt ends? Yes, please!

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