Thoughts and sights from the places I’ve been and things that catch my eye or imagination. Buen provecho!

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  1. Hi Adam

    I read your review of the X1 today on Steve Huff’s website.

    Like you did I’ve recently been thinking of selling my X1 as I’ve been frustrated with its speed so far. i bought mine second hand. However, your review made me realise that maybe I’m not using it correctly so will give it another go.

    Thank you


    1. Thank you, Tom! Some days the X1 and I don’t get along, but when I get home and look at the photos all is well with the world. A little trick I have been using lately is to use autofocus to get locked in then switch to manual and use slight adjustments from there with zone focusing. Helps me catch the toddler in lower light and seems to be working well. Keep shooting and enjoy the X1!


  2. Hi Adam,

    I’m fairly certain that I just bought your X1 from you.

    I’m most at home with a rangefinder. My favorite camera (and one that I should have never let go) was my M8. I cannot afford the M system right now, and I do adore Leica and I don’t mind zen photography (having shot plenty of film) so I look forward to playing around with the X1. Thanks again.


    1. Hey Michael you are in the right place! I am sure you will enjoy the X1 as it is an amazing camera and does give a very film-like experience. Let me know if you have any questions about the camera, I would be happy to help!

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