Abandoned Places Project: 01

As much as I drive through small towns and rural areas in north Florida, I see a lot of abandoned / condemned buildings. Most of them are interesting and I always wonder what story they told in their heyday. To be bought, built, a business plan or mortgage put in place, manned or lived in, and then forgotten about and fallen to disrepair is an interesting life cycle. So, this will be the first in a random series of these dilapidated places. I guess things were so bad with this one even the mighty Poseidon or promise of Wigglers couldn’t save it!

5 thoughts on “Abandoned Places Project: 01

    1. Funny thing is I learned about your website from Melinda’s blog! You both have such an insightful and beautiful way of seeing that it has inspired me to look at things in a new way. This image and photo project are a direct result of that; and I thank you for it!

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