Photo Scavenger Hunt with the Kids

To get the girls (and myself) out of the house for a little while, we went on a photo scavenger hunt around our county. I came up with five things we had to find, and photograph, before coming home. My oldest (7) was armed with the Fuji Instax she received for Christmas, and the five-year-old brought per iPad mini. I drove to an area where our subjects could be readily found and let the girls point them out. This wasn’t an instructional outing, but one of inspiration. Here are the oldest’s photos, scanned from her Instax prints. The subjects were;

An oak tree
Something blue

My photos were taken on film that one day will eventually be developed. This was a fun outing that I am sure we will be doing again over the next few weeks as we distance ourselves socially. For my fellow photographers with kiddos, its a fun little break in the day that can be done even around the house. Anything to make the time pass with a little bit of levity is good these days!

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