Goodbye Blue Sky

This image gives me a very Pink Floyd feel, with my youngest daughter and her grandma having a nice conversation in the middle of a field. There is a larger story here, but suffice to say it is a tale for another time.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Blue Sky

    1. Foe some reason Wish You Were Here comes to mind (though the song comes from The Wall). Thanks for the compliment, Michael, it means a lot coming from you as always!

      1. It is an amazing album, especially if you can to listen to it in its entirety. Dark, yes, but certainly otherworldly. I still have an original vinyl album from my parent’s collection on my wall and still love to look at the artwork and listen to to the music – especially when working on photos!

      2. I agree. I listened to it in a completely dark room when it first came out. It blew out my old Dynaco tube power amp. About 20% of the way through welcome to the machine. The extreme humming of the amp before it blew merged with the sound effects in the album and I didn’t realize it wasn’t part of the album until there was a very bright flash in the room as the amp died.

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