Gaboon Viper, party like its 1999!

As I start to look through old catalogs and try and organize all my photos it is very interesting to watch how photography (and my photography) has changed over the years. For the industry, watching quality and megapixels grow exponentially over the years. Personally, starting with film, trying digital, going full digital, going back to film, and now settled comfortably in a mix of the mediums. This photo? I am surprised to find a few photos that hold up over the decades and this is one of them; one of my beautiful Gaboon vipers taken with the 1.3 megapixel Nikon Coolpix 900 back in 1999! It has help up pretty well even to a {very} little post processing.

As a side note, I am finding some of the older JPEGs corrupting and becoming unreadable, while the RAW images have not yet failed. I am not a fan of the extra space that the RAW files take up, but it is nice to see them saving the day, literally, in some cases.

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