Smoke Break, redux

I’m not a fan of what is fantastically know as modern “street photography”. Blurry, improperly exposed photos of strangers or homeless people without context, often blurry, cameras jammed in unwilling faces to catch the decisive moment. HCB would roll over in his grave at such a farce. Okay, rant over..

Not sure if this photo qualifies as street photography, but it is of a stranger and in black and white:) Hopefully the context is there, though.. This lady was taking a smoke break as my friend John and I entered the Dali museum, and was still there when we left. Same spot. Same pose. Same conversation? Maybe the bushes hide her from supervisors looking for missing employees, or maybe she just likes sitting there on the concrete curb angrily talking on the phone while chain-smoking. I guess the only way to find out is to go back and see if she is still there. John, you down for another visit?

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