Limpkin in the Cypress

I’ve usually bring my trusty Leica X Vario with me out in the field at work. If a photo opportunity many present itself I’ll even bring it on the boat with me, which is how the opportunity for this shot came to be. I’ve tried wildlife many, many times before with the XV to varying degrees of failure (70mm certainly does not cut it, and the XV is slow in operation for action shots) but this day everything came together. The limpkin was sitting perfectly in the cypress tree as I approached with my little Carolina Skiff, so I hit reverse to slow the boat fully expecting the limpkin to take off. But it was nice enough to sit in the tree as I grabbed my camera and aligned the shot, trying to account for the moving water, a boat adrift, and the light, all to culminate in this photograph you see here. It is not too often shots line up like this so I am pretty happy with the outcome! Thank you limpkin, thank you.

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