Abandoned Places Project: 07

Abandoned Places Florida

I haven’t been on the ‘net as much recently and just noticed that my last post was in June, what a slacker! Sadly I haven’t been shooting as much lately either but do have another entry for the Abandoned places project. The Spring Side Grocery just outside of East Palatka looks to have been a fun place when it was open and might have been one of those finds off the beaten path with a great burger. I guess no one will ever know now….

7 thoughts on “Abandoned Places Project: 07

    1. I could honestly spend a whole week dedicated to photographing these places and not even scratch the surface. Maybe another photo day is in order, eh?

  1. I have been photographing abandoned locations for many years. My only advice is that you not reveal the locations, as revealing their locations only leads to vandalism and destruction.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Although abandoned I would hate to see any vandalism or wanton destruction fall upon these places. Will visit out your website to check out the abandoned places you have photographed. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. That looks like fun, please feel free to link and for sharing the challenge! I will have to keep up with your blog and enter it. Always good to challenge yourself!

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