Abandoned Places Project: 04

Now that my eyes are open to seeing these places, there are far more than I thought throughout north Florida. I’ve stopped to grab a few this week, and noted others for return when the lighting is more favorable. Still others though are so far gone it would be hard to translate what the structure was.

Not so with the Orange Lake Supermarket. This area of Highway 441 has quite a few commercial and residential structures that have fallen into time gone by. I always wonder what it would take to get one of these going, maybe as a place to display local photography? Probably not the best idea as there is a reason they failed in the first place..

When working on this photo, it reminded me of shooting with Velvia 50 after I played with the saturation colors a bit. I miss shooting with Velvia. If it wasn’t for the fact it is now $15 a roll and there is no local place to process it I would shoot more of it. Until then I will try and get the process right and apply it to the photos that lens itself to that kind of crazy color. The next ABP photo has the same treatment:)

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