Profile of a Monster


Gila Monster, that is!

One of two venomous lizard’s in the world and the subject of my other website, I have been keeping Gila monsters for over 20 years and they still fascinate me as much today as they have since I was a five year old kid seeing one live at Lion Country Safari. These are truly venomous lizards, with the venom gland in low of the jaw (where it looks puffy). But, unlike venomous snakes they have a crude injection method which consists of grooved teeth that allows venom to enter the wound during a bite. Gila monsters and known to bite and hold on, which allows enough of the venom to do its job and scare the predator, or threat, away. Not a lethal bite, but it hurts like hell (so I have heard). Enough of the natural history lesson, enjoy the photo:)

2 thoughts on “Profile of a Monster

  1. Neat Gila monster shot. I’m attaching a jpeg of some interesting “subjects” having




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