For anyone who has taken family Christmas pictures

L1000256You will understand this. Trying to get two young kids to look in the same direction alone is a feat only permissible by lady luck. Getting both kids to smile while looking at the camera, well, might as well play the lottery that day. I did get one for the family Christmas card, and can thank lady luck and a fast camera buffer for the shot…

2 thoughts on “For anyone who has taken family Christmas pictures

  1. oh man, I was just debating whether to do this or not. It’s our first holiday season! I bought a polaroid so that I wouldn’t have the excuse of “developing” film, and then immediately accepted that my friends and family will be receiving my son’s very blurry photos. It’s the thought that counts eh? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, a polaroid would be tough. Guaranteed there will be closed eyes or funny faces but if you have enough film and light there should be a winner in the bunch. If not, the set will be a great keepsake as your son grows older. Glad you enjoyed and good luck!

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