The future of film


I don’t know what the future of 35mm film is, but it seems uncertain at best. Kodak and Fuji have stopped making many emulsions, and most of the developing machines have disappeared from corner drug stores never to be replaced. This makes it more difficult, and expensive, for those who may want to try it out, or pick it back up again. Thankfully we have folks like Japan Camera Hunter, Camera Film Photo and FILM Ferrania (just to name a few) working at keeping the film scene alive.

As much as I enjoy digital, there is truly nothing like film. The limited number of frames, the waiting to develop or process the film, the joy of looking at your slides through a projector or on a light table, just can’t be duplicated by the digital experience. There is certainly room for both, and I sure hope film is still around when my daughters grow up.

2 thoughts on “The future of film

  1. From my perspective it appears that as long as photo documentation exists film will exist. That both
    Kodak & Fuji are turning their backs on producing film doesn’t say much for them.

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