Old Country Road

Old Country Road

For me, nothing quite sparks the imagination like finding an old country road. What adventures lie down its dusty path? Where does it take you if followed to the end? Who is waiting there with a map and a story? With so much known in the world, it is comforting to find things that are unknown and keep imagination alive.

This photo is a few years older and captured on my first roll of Velvia 50, I can’t get the colors right, and fairly sure if the slide was found it could be scanned and processed better, but there is something about this photo that draws me to it.  The light, that day, take me back to the moment I pulled over to grab this shot so many years ago.

Shot on Velvia 50 with my Leica M3 and 21mm lens.

2 thoughts on “Old Country Road

  1. Yes, The image is a “little off”, but it’s a nice perspective & a rescan & reprint is in order. R.P.

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